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Fic: Monsters

Because I am an idiot and forgot these would count towards this comm.
Series Title Monster (work in progress)
Works so far
Sometimes the Monsters fight with you - Sequel to he who fights with Monsters (brilliant fic, please go and read it)
Summary What if Steve Rogers hadn't been born in Brooklyn? What if he'd been born in Berlin instead? How would that change the rest of the world?
A.K.A Sequel to Who Fights with Monsters. Or Logan remembers the fallen and Fury investigates Iron Man.

Lest he become a Monster
Summary: Logan Joins the Avengers in a world where Steve Rogers was born in Berlin

Battle with the Monsters in your mind:
Summary: X Men First Class if Erik had being a CIA Agent. And a sort of prequel to Sometimes the Monsters fight with you, exploring Logan and Erik's life before the X Men and Avengers


Name: Typical Teenage Angst 
Rating: Probably going to put this at a PG-13 for possibly some swears and kissing
Pairing: Steve/Tony Peter/OMC
Summary: Steve and Tony begin to notice something's bothering Peter.
Genre/warning: kinda movie!AU but mostly from my messed up imagination. mentions of past mpreg but not in detail. mentions of past rape and homophobia, mentions of multiple suicide attempts TIME LINES ARE NOT OF IMPORT IN THIS FIC! 
Authors Notes: I can't write for shit but i tend to dream only about fandom and sometimes i try and write them down as best i can. I can't spell (but will try and spell check via dictionary)  and my grammar is almost non existant so i apologise in advance for that. If any of you who actually CAN write want to rewrite my ideas so they're actually good then go right a head just link me so i can read to!

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the forgotten avengers

Title: The Forgotten Avengers
Fandom: The Avengers
Pairing: Ant-man/Wasp
Rating: G
Medium: Paint Tool Sai
Summary: Hank and Janet just realized that they were written out of The Avengers movie.

But we were founders...


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